A Cardano Staking Pool by RatPoison.io

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We are a dedicated Cardano staking pool running on AWS Clusters with 99.95% uptime SLA for maximum network performance and high availability.

Active Ingredients

  1. Innovation

    We combine our 10 years of network and system administration experience with the 99.95% uptime service level agreement from Amazon Web Services resulting in maximum network performance and high availability. Our multiple relay network architecture further enhances the redundancy in case of major disruptions across the internet.

  2. Commitment

    With over one million ADA pledged, we are a dedicated Cardano staking pool with skin in the game. We truly believe in the power of decentralization and building great foundation through proper engineering. Our technical staff monitors the overall system 24/7 and our support staff are on our telegram channel to announce any system updates as well as to answer any questions via email or twitter.

  3. Transparency

    We provide free real time monitoring of our hardware cluster through Grafana Labs software. Our delegators have full transparency on how we run and administer our systems, we also make announcements prior to any changes via our social media channels.

Pool Statistics

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